Growing Wings

The Caged Series, Book 2

Growing Wings

When her fate rests on an impossible choice, is she brave enough to make one?

As if lousy parents, a plethora of social inhibitions, and a complicated love triangle weren’t enough problems, Lexus Wren just discovered she’s a powerful Catalyst — capable of commanding Conduits to do her bidding.

When another Catalyst invites Lexus and her twin would-be boyfriends to leave behind their new family and enroll in a school for “gifted” students — or risk permanent separation, Lexus is forced to make a choice — play it safe or leave it all behind to discover her destiny.

Suddenly surrounded by others of her kind, Lexus quickly learns that her abilities are greater than she ever imagined, and the twins are not the only people who crave her touch. When the teens are caught in the middle of a battle for power, can they set aside the competition between them in time to protect themselves from the powerful forces trying to tear them apart?


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July 20, 2018