My Fake Valentine

Holiday High Series, Book 1

My Fake Valentine

Mia’s star desperately needs polishing. Can a fake relationship with Austin make her shine?

Mia Black is the lusterless middle daughter of a family full of shining stars. Literally movie stars. Meanwhile, her biggest achievement is landing the role of Harem Girl #3 in the school play. But a fluke chance to play the starring role gives Mia a taste of the spotlight and draws the attention of Austin — the super cute, uber-popular, basketball phenom whose athletic career just took a nosedive when his failing grades landed him in academic probation.

Trying to save face when his girlfriend dumps him, Austin impulsively kisses Mia in front of everyone and begs her to pretend they’ve been secretly dating.

Mia knows her reputation could use some help, and Austin is the perfect guy to elevate her from not to hot. All she has to do is help him get his grades up, and Austin will pretend to be madly in love with her.

Fake it till you make it, the saying goes, and Mia and Austin soon realize that opposites do attract. But can their relationship, and their reputations, survive when the whole school finds out they were only faking?


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July 20, 2018