The Soulmate Series, Book 2


Who says you can only have one soulmate?

Life hasn’t been easy for Paige with wild hair, a loud personality, and a best friend who everyone thinks is crazy, but it only gets harder when said bestie moves away.

Of course, Paige is thrilled when her best friend, Rachel, finds her soulmate in a fairytale love story, but she’s gotta wonder — when does she get to be the princess?

When Rachel and her boyfriend go searching for answers to his supernatural powers, Paige is happy to help, especially if the quest involves hunky Zach Pasquetti, the guy Paige had a secret crush on even before he developed a six pack.

The trio believes that Zach has a secret, one that will help them uncover Rider’s past, and they’re counting on Paige to recruit him for their mission. When Zach finally reveals the truth, Paige thinks her own life might finally get a happy ending as well. Zach seems like a knight in shining armor, but is he really her prince, or a villain in disguise?


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July 2, 2018