Flying Free

The Caged Series, Book 4

Flying Free

It takes more than blood to make a family.

You’d think after solving the mystery of eight missing Specials and reuniting her friends with their family Lexus could finally settle into her new life as a Catalyst. But the mother she never knew existed has been taken hostage by the one person Lexus should be able to trust, and she can’t rest until she finds her.

With no leads to follow, Lexus’ boyfriends think the search is a lost cause, but Lexus isn’t willing to give up yet. When the twins leave the academy to spend time with the parents they thought were dead, their frenemy Jaxson is all too happy to take their place. But when Jaxson and Lexus run away together, the twins must decide where their allegiance really lies.

Family is worth fighting for, but is family a choice?


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July 20, 2018