The Soulmate Series, Book 1


Can she survive with only half her soul?

Rachel doesn’t know why she shares her body with another soul, a boy she calls Rider, but she’s fed up with being known as the crazy girl who talks to herself. She’s thrilled when moving to a new town gives her a chance at a whole new identity, without the stigma of her “imaginary friend.”

In her new school, Rachel is befriended by a kooky bunch of science club geeks who definitely aren’t helping her reputation, but somehow she still manages to attract the attention of the hottest boy in school. Her new friends try to warn her about the notorious chick magnet, and Rider fears he’s losing Rachel as she risks everything in pursuit of popularity. Rider might be her soulmate, but Rachel is willing to do anything to fit in, even if it means losing him.

When one wrong move brings everything crashing down around her, Rachel finally learns the truth about her soulmate. But what she doesn’t know is, can she survive without him?


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July 2, 2018